Sravan Kumar Neerati , Sreekanth Reddy Konda
Soccer Statistics
Soccer Statistics
As passionate Soccer Enthusiasts and avid Football fans, the two of us, Sravan Kumar Neerati and Sreekanth Reddy Konda, set out to make a visualization to celebrate the success of the top Soccer players and Clubs around the world. Soccer fandom has increased tremendously over the years, and the two of us have been lucky to witness the growth of players and clubs from different parts of the world. We hope our project can be both enjoyed by all other soccer enthusiasts and provide helpful insights to the avid followers and fans of the players and clubs.

To launch our visualization, simply scroll up to the top of the page and press the 'Launch Visualization' button. Select a player, to see his summary and ratings in different attributes, scroll through the timeline, and to compare the performance over the years with another player, search and select the player(s) from the list . The color codings help differentiate the players from one another, the color of the player name added and the line help relate the same player. When we wish to compare a lot of players and are interested in specific years rather than the while timeline, one can brush along the x-axis timeline and see the bar charts with more emphasis on the ratings for that particular attribute. Feel Free to add as many players as possible to the line chart and brush on the x-axis timeline to zoom into the specific years. Although a player has been performing really well in a specific attribute, he might be lagging other attributes of the game and that can be seen clearly in the bar charts. Hovering over the bars or the lines will show the details that are specific to the visualization and get more insights

Our Visualization also dwells into how the clubs from different leagues have performed over the seaons. The total points scored in a season are color coded which puts up a heatmap that clearly shows the trend in a league.

While not all the clubs are not present in all seasons, the reasons for that can be clearly seen fromt its performance in the previous year. At the same time, we can see the top clubs being highlighted as a result of their consistent performances over the seasons.